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Jefferson Girls Lacrosse Booster Club
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What is Scrip?

Scrip is a way to fundraise for non-profit organizations. Scrip is a nontraditional fundraiser in the sense that you are not selling a product to others. You simply purchase gift cards (digital or physical), at face value, to redeem at businesses at which you already frequent. Those businesses, through an agreement with Scrip, rebate a certain percentage (typically 3%-15% depending on the business) of your purchase back to JHS Girls Lacrosse Booster Club. The Booster Club has decided that the money a player earns through Scrip rebates can be used toward her Booster Club fees. You can raise money all year long through Scrip, and there is NO LIMIT to the Scrip rebates you can earn. Scrip rebates are credited to player accounts at the end of each statement period, typically every 3 months. Any money raised in excess of Booster Club fees and/or fundraising buyouts will carry over to the next season with the exception of non-returning players (graduates or girls no longer playing in the program). For any non-returning players, money raised in excess of Booster Club fees and/or fundraising buyouts can be donated to the Booster Club at the end of the player’s last season with JHS Girls Lacrosse, or families can elect to take a refund of the balance of their rebates.

How does this make money?

The businesses in the Scrip program have agreed to sell their gift cards at a reduced fee to the program. You, the purchaser, get the entire face value of the gift card to redeem at the business, while the difference between the face value and the discounted sale price goes to the Booster Club. This fundraised money is electronically transferred to the Booster Club so individuals do not need to worry about getting this money to the Booster Club. Each business lists the amount of money you can earn as a percentage of the total sale. The percentage you earn is different between businesses and sometimes a business will have a promotion in which you can earn a bigger percentage.

How do I get started?

Use the handout “Sign up for ShopWithScrip—It’s easy!“ to walk you through the enrollment. The handout is posted on our website. This handout has an enrollment code that is required to link your account with our Booster Club.

Also, you need to sign up for Presto-Pay by following the directions on the second handout (also on this website). It is the secure online electronic fund transfer system that transfers money from your bank account to Scrip when you purchase your gift cards. Your account information is linked to Scrip and you enter a four-digit code each time to authorize a purchase. We are asking everyone participating in the Scrip program to enroll in Presto-Pay. It is a secure Internet service and our users have not had any issues with their accounts over the past 3 years. We understand that some individuals do not want sensitive personal information on the Internet. Presto-Pay provides the Booster Club nearly automated administration. The Booster Club is not prepared to take paper orders and deal with cash and checks at this time. Since this is a voluntary fundraiser if you object to providing personal information on the Internet it will preclude you from participation.

How do I go shopping?

Simply log into your account, click on the shop tab and select browse or express orders. Select the option you want and the amount you want and click okay. This places the order in your cart. To finalize your purchase click on the shopping cart and enter the PIN that you created and your order is complete.

Three types of cards are available for purchase—physical cards, reloads, and ScripNow cards. Physical cards require approval by the Booster Club coordinator and will be ordered once per month. Any orders for physical cards must be requested by the 10th of each month. The cards are shipped to the coordinator and delivery to individuals will be arranged. Therefore this option requires a lot of planning prior to use. The reload option is not available on all cards so be aware when you purchase a physical card if money can be reloaded. With the reload option you simply refill money onto your card. It all happens electronically and does not require approval from the coordinator. It also happens within a few minutes of entering your pin. To get fundraising credit through Scrip, do not reload your physical gift cards at the merchant, but instead do it on the Scrip site. The ScripNow option is an electronic gift card that we highly recommend. It requires a minimal amount of planning and is nearly instantly available. Most times your ScripNow order will be available immediately in the dashboard. Some stores require up to an hour to process (Home Depot). ScripNow is especially useful at restaurants. Once you receive your bill you can purchase a ScripNow card and present it immediately for redemption. Be aware that all cards need to be purchased in specified denominations. Some of our families buy a gift card in a lower amount than their restaurant bill. This way helps them avoid having numerous gift cards with nominal balances.